​​​Sean McCarthy

Sean is a holistic health coach. He has made it his mission to teach and empower others to manage and eliminate stress that is creating massive obstacles in their lives. 

Sean's approach is constantly evolving due to the variety of challenges that are presented to him in the foundations outreach efforts. 

365 days a year Sean is engaged in giving someone an option when they felt or were told one did not exist. 


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The TEDS Foundation is able to deliver our services because of the efforts of countless volunteers around the world who dedicate their time to helping TEDS grow and touch more lives.  There are too many valuable volunteers to list, so we would like to acknowledge and give thanks to all those who have shown their dedication and service to making the world a better place.

Brenda Schultz-McCarthy was a top ten tennis professional in the world when she injured her back, which ultimately ended her career. The doctors at the French Open told her that it was all in her head. The head of neurology and orthopedics along with the Dutch Olympic Team felt it was more than psychosomatic, so she ended up having surgery on her back. The back injury still existed even after the surgery, lots of therapy and adjustments in her tennis game. Her husband Sean who also had a career ending back injury while playing college football made it his mission to figure out the limits on every level that was causing Brenda’s pain and discomfort. 

This mission led him to explore all the aspects of stress, both known and unknown. The mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic, dietary and environmental stress was creating limits in her life. These findings and approaches were brought into the tennis camps and programs that Brenda ran so her students could perform optimally. Over time it became more evident that swinging a racquet was not the problem of the students. It was the game of life that was causing their struggles. The families, coaches, teams, clubs and communities had their own dysfunctions influencing the players. These challenges  leaked into the player’s life and game. So dealing with the player evolved into dealing with the player’s whole environment.

Sean, Brenda, recipients of the programs and their advisors knew that the world would benefit from being exposed to this approach to life. They shut down their tennis camps and started a non-profit to offer holistic healing camps to children and their families.

Throughout the year the foundation offers holistic healing camps, health & wellness retreats, seminars and virtual coaching. 

The mission of the TEDS foundation is to educate and empower children and their families to become whole by leading a holistic life based on service. 

Mission Statement: 


Brenda is a former professional tennis player who reached a career high ranking of no.9 in the world. She is also a two-time Olympian and world record holder for the fastest serve in the world (130 MPH).

She has helped young players launch their careers, find college scholarships, overcome injuries, beat addiction, aided homeless families and gave her time to countless charity fundraisers.
Her whole existence is about giving. The TEDS Foundation is the evolution of her passion for people to live a higher quality of life. 

Brenda Schultz- McCarthy