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Outreach Testimonials

I started receiving the benefits from the TEDS Foundation when I was fifteen. Over the years they helped me with mental, physical and emotional challenges. When I needed help with a scholarship they were there for me and in the pursuit my dream of being a professional tennis player they were there for me on many levels. Whether it was training, restoring limits from physical issues, giving me life guidance, educating me about performance nutrition, coordinating things while I was on the road or just being a rock in my life the foundation has never let me down. I have also been enriched by being the approach to life to others who had immense struggles in their lives. I always had a great relationship with God and my family. The foundation taught me how to bring it all together and be whole.

George Cartledge 

 I was blessed to have the TEDS Foundation in my life during high school. When I went to play tennis at Virginia Tech I knew the combination of school and athletics would be overwhelming. When the load is to heavy and is affecting me mentally, physically or emotionally, I can always count on the foundation delivering the needed solution. They have even been kind enough to help my teammates with issues that they could not resolved with our support staff. What is typically a long term issue they resolve in minutes. It almost seems like magic but you always leave feeling relief coupled with a plan for self management of the issues.

The TEDS Foundation helped me achieve my dream of playing college tennis in the US. When I had physical or mental limits I always had a resource with the foundation. I missed a great portion of a fall semester with a shin injury they were able to solve it in a simple Skype session and giving me some drills to do on a daily basis. When I had another issue they helped and coordinated a homeopath to help me address the problem. I also developed a passion for life from the inside out participating in their programs. The way I eat, exercise and approach life all has it roots in the TEDS foundations approach to life.

Mark Schanerman

In the summer of 2011 I was struggling with psoriatic arthritis. My family had been searching for something to simply give me another focus other than my college tennis career being over and my life on every level  being crippled by this condition. The TEDS Foundation was gracious enough to allow me to be exposed to their programs during the month of July. I first went through an emotional detoxification while eating a special diet for inflammation based on digestive health. I couldn't believe after a short time I was participating in early morning programs based on soft tissue management and realignment. It was not long after that I was hitting tennis balls. After a brief vacation with my family I continued this approach to life while the TEDS Foundation coordinated ancillary care. The amazing thing was I was putting in five hours per day of physical and tennis training free of all symptoms. They helped arrange a scholarship for me at a top school and after being told my tennis career was over I was playing major college tennis. The big challenge was passing the medical physical for the team. Thanks to the foundation I passed and tennis is still part of my life

Nikita Borodatov

Edward Elliot

I was a young college tennis player from Russia. Outside of my team I had no support while in the US. My scholarship was cut and I didn't have the money for the difference. The foundation arranged for a place for me to stay so I could stay in school. I had back and shoulder issues that I was told required surgery. The foundation taught me which practitioners to use and how to overcome the injuries with daily drills. I had chest pains and panic attacks that could not be explained. The foundation coordinated a practitioner in Colorado who found 8 different bacteria and funguses causing the symptoms. When a financial crisis in Russia caused my family not to be able to pay for my Masters in Business the foundation arranged for financial assistance to cover my tuition. I don't know where I would be without the TEDS Foundation.

Carol Kahoun