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​TEDS Foundation

Federal Tax ID Number-    35-2433095

This is a 501(c) Foundation

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2446 Deer Run Road, Ferrum VA 24088​

Telephone: (276)-930-1390

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1803 Juno Isles Blvd, North Palm Beach Fl 33408

Telephone: (276)-930-1390


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How your contribution will help;

The goal of the organization with your giving is to continue and improve the below operations:


Yearly Programs for Student Athletes, Practitioners, and Families –

Outreach to others is one of the most profound ways that TEDS achieves its mission. By inviting athletes, practitioners, and families to spend time at our facility and to learn our healing techniques, we are able to empower people to take steps to remove stress, which will help them reach whole health. Support is also provided when individuals leave the sessions through the formation of groups that foster ongoing coaching and individualized programming to meet everyone’s specific needs. We also offer quarterly advanced training programs to TEDS alumni. Our plans to expand these programs in the next few years require additional funds that will help build a library, treatment rooms, prayer garden and a covered outdoor fitness area with mountain views.

TEDS Healing Farm –

Allowing nature to be the stress remedy. In a peaceful high-energy secluded environment, the mind and body can be revitalized. Using farm raised chemical free, local, organic and or indigenous foods the body has the foundation for healing itself. In 2018, a greenhouse will be built so the growing season can begin earlier and be extended through the fall. The farm will be expanded to include livestock, rolling pastures pens for chickens, greenhouses, berry bushes, fruit and nut trees, bee apiary, and herb garden.



Who TEDS Has Helped - 


People who participated in the TEDS Foundation programs have overcome lower back and joint disorders, severe allergies, defeated eating disorders, fertility issues, and weathered financial disasters. TEDS has also helped people avoid divorce, conquer the physical and mental ramifications of abuse, eliminated crippling diseases and learned a holistic approach to life that makes home, school and work life more harmonious. ​


Each year, TEDS helps countless young athletes understand and overcome the stress that is limiting their career and lives.  These athletes have gone on to become lawyers, doctors, college players of the year. Other's have overcome crippling illnesses, panic attacks, abuse, eating disorders, addiction and understanding their true missions in life while starting the journey to becoming whole.

The foundation also allows for college athletes to become trained in the TEDS Foundation approach to life while doing an internship. They will have the opportunity to work on the mental, physical and dietary aspects of their lives as an intern here. Invaluable work and life skills acquired by the interns.


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As you can see, we have some aggressive and exciting plans for our future. We have already helped many people through our educational programs and techniques, but many more people can benefit from TEDS. To make a greater impact on the world we need support from friends like you. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to TEDS. You will receive a letter acknowledging your donation for your tax records.

The TEDS Foundation is a 501 (c)(3), FEIN # 35-2433095. Donations can be sent to The TEDS Foundation, 2446 Deer Run Rd. Ferrum, VA 24088





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or call us at 276-952-5152


“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.” – Hippocrates


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