• Retreats typically last 5 full days (Monday-Friday), but longer sessions can be arranged.

  • All accommodations and meals provided.

  • Retreats available for people of service of all kinds.

  • Retreats available for individuals, teams, groups or families.

  • This retreat would typically cost $1,500 per person. However, we want these programs to be accessible to everyone, so we offer the retreats on a sliding scale that is adjusted for each persons situation. Special rates can be given for larger groups. This fee covers all food, accommodations and activities.

2020 Retreat Dates/Application:

Retreat Location

  • ​​Specific healing prayers and techniques to eliminate trauma, injuries, inflammation, health issues, mental challenges, relationship conflict and more...

  • Therapeutic connectivity drills to connect the mind and body, restore joints and ligaments, nurture the body and increase mobility.

  • Breath-work drills proven to lower the bodies stress response by over 60%.

  • The power of healing foods, herbs, organic and chemical free nutrition.

  • How to test for your unique and individualized diet to perfectly nurture your body.

  • And have lots of fun in the process!!!!

Servants Who Attend The Retreats Learn:

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Our retreat is located on our farm/facility located in Ferrum, Virginia.

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Gods request of all of us is to be a servant. But often times when we answer the call to be a servant and choose a life of service as a career or profession, we don’t always have the time, resources and tools to deal with the trauma we experience from being a servant.

The selfless servants who are on the frontline of helping people in the worst of situations are in great need of help and healing for themselves and their own lives. People whose careers are so focused on helping others overcome or avoid trauma,  often forget or neglect the trauama they experience or accumulate from being exposed to so many high-stress situations over time.

This includes first responders, police officers, doctors, nurses, alternative healthcare practitioners, counselors, pastors, teachers, mothers, fathers, family members and anyone else who is on the frontline to serve others.

Our Connected Servant Retreats allow people of service to be put in a powerful healing and nurturing environment and learn a vast toolbox to allow them and for their loved ones to heal, overcome and reconnect from trauma, injuries, mental/emotional challenges, spiritual issues and relationship struggles.