• ​​Specific healing prayers and techniques to eliminate allergies, health problems, injuries, mental challenges, relationship conflict and more...

  • Healing and therapeutic connectivity drills to connect the mind and body, restore joints and ligaments and increase mobility.


  • Breath-work drills proven to lower the bodies stress response by over 60%.

  • The power of healing foods, herbs, organic and chemical free nutrition.

  • How to test for your unique and individualized diet to perfectly nurture your body.


  • And have lots of fun in the process!!!!

Facility & Accommodations

Programs & Activities

Families Who Attend The Retreat Learn:

Retreat Location

What Others Have Said About The Connected Family Programs

Our retreat is located on our farm/facility located in Ferrum, Virginia.

  • Retreats typically last 5 full days (Monday-Friday), but longer sessions can be arranged.
  • All accommodations and meals provided.
  • Retreats available for families of all sizes and ages.
  • This retreat would typically cost $1,500 per person. However, we want these programs to be accessible to everyone, so we are offering the retreats on a sliding scale that is adjusted for each family's unique situation. Once you submit the application form, we will contact you to determine the fee that works best for you. Special rates can be given for larger groups. This fee covers all food, accommodations and activities.​

2020 Retreat Dates/Application:

The TEDS Founders realized that with current health statistics, our children are almost guranteed to have one or more chronic diseases in their lifetime. TEDS believes understanding and eliminating the different aspects of stress is needed for prevention. These major stressors can be physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual, environmental or dietary.

The family retreats are an opportunity for families, parents and children to understand truly what is limiting them individually and as a whole. We understand that the definition of a family varies from household to household. A family can be two parents and children or a single parent and children. We want to offer each member of the family unit the opportunity to overcome obstacles. During these camps participants learn a variety of protocols and methods to eliminate their unique stressors. All of the labels and hierarchy of a family are removed in a nurturing environment, so that healing of the mind, body, heart, soul and spirit can take place.  When families leave the retreats, they will have a toolbox and support team to allow them to rise above individual or collective limits.