Facility & Accommodations

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Our retreat is located on our farm/facility located in Ferrum, Virginia.

Programs & Activities

Our Connected Athlete Programs take place on our 300 acre-healing farm in southwest Virginia.

The purpose of the programs is to bring athletes to our healing farm/facility so they can truly be immersed in a healing environment and learn how to be connected and reach the highest performing versions of themselves in all aspects of their life.

There is no better way to truly experience the incredible powers that God can have on your sports or athletic performance then to be put in an environment that is completely designed to help you be connected. 
During the retreats the athletes learn our complete toolbox we have assembled over the last 20+ years to integrate God, athletics, peak performance, individualized diet, therapies and a truly connected lifestyle all in one place.

  • ​​Specific healing prayers and techniques to eliminate injuries, inflammation, mental challenges, relationship conflict and more...

  • Healing therapeutic connectivity drills to connect the mind and body, restore the joints and ligaments, nurture the body and increase mobility.

  • Breath-work drills proven to lower the bodies stress response by over 60%.

  • The power of healing foods, herbs, organic & chemical free nutrition.

  • How to test for your unique and individualized diet to perfectly nurture your body.

  • Strength and conditioning training methods from world class trainers and coaches.

  • And have lots of fun in the process!!!!

Retreat Location

  • Retreats typically last 5 full days (Monday-Friday), but longer sessions can be arranged.

  • All accommodations and meals provided.

  • Retreats available for middle school - collegiate athletes (Age 13-22).

  • Open to athletes of all sports.

  • Athletes may come as a team or individuals.

  • Coaches and family members are welcome to join and participate upon request.

  • The fee for the retreat works on a sliding scale that is adjusted for each persons situation. The Special rates can be given for larger groups or teams. This fee covers all food, accommodations and activities. 

  • Once you fill out the application form, we will contact you to figure out the fee that works best for you.

  • ​The athlete may participate in a work-study arrangement to have the fee waved. The work-study arrangement allows the athlete to fully participate in the retreat, but requires them to help during the programs and around the property when needed (this includes tasks such as washing dishes, basic cleaning and maintenance, help with farm animals etc). 

2020 Retreat Dates/Application: